Worst Places to Travel To

Choosing a travel destination is one of the most overwhelming tasks, especially to beginner travelers. That usually happens because each destination has a unique set of attractions and threats that could either make or break your trip. As such, knowing some of the dangerous places to avoid could give you an easier time in finding a suitable travel destination. The following are some of the worst places to travel to. 

North Korea 

The party-state is one of the worst places where the government controls almost every aspect of everyday life. The isolated nation has recently made headlines for all the wrong reasons including military threats, which continue to weigh heavily on most governments. Bothe the state officials and the locals are also not very welcoming to strangers and, you could easily get shot for just wandering off in the wrong direction. If you are a citizen of the US or South Korea, it would be more complicated to even gain access to North Korea. 


Also known as Burma, Myanmar looks like a great tourist destination. However, it is a very dangerous place where the government uses forced labor to develop its infrastructure. A majority of the population is enslaved in opium and heroin production to benefit the government. The high production and consumption of illegal drugs as well as the human abuses resulting from them make Burma quite dangerous for travelers. Myanmar is also popular for cases of illegal imprisonments and state-sanctioned persecutions. 

Democratic Republic of Congo 

Described by many as the heart of Africa, the Democratic Republic of Congo is also one of the most dangerous places to visit. Apart from the persistent deadly political unrests, the Africa nation is also clothed in tribal clashes, sexual violence, kidnappings, child soldiers and human trafficking. 

The other worse places that you should also be skeptical about traveling to include Chad, Yemen, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, and South Sudan. If you must visit, it is advisable that you carefully research the destination and plan for the unexpected. 

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