How to Know Other Travelers while on a Trip

To some people, traveling is largely about discovering self. However, there is more to traveling than that. It’s also about overcoming the fear to talk to strangers. Whenever you ask for directions, order food, or do anything while traveling, you talk to strangers. The conversation that you spark in a plane, train, bus, or café can be an opportunity to know the other traveler better.

Here are some of the ways to approach other travelers and get to know them better:

Be open to their suggestions

Talk to other travelers and listen to their suggestions. For instance, find out what they think about the best thing that you can do as a tourist at your destination. If you frequent a restaurant or a coffee shop, find out what their recommendations are. Basically, be curious and strive to learn more from other travelers.

Bond with other travelers

Visit popular spots for tourists at your destination. You will find out that there are reasons why they are popular. If you see a solo traveler struggling to take a perfect selfie, volunteer to help them. This might turn out to be a brilliant bonding opportunity.

Express your interest

If you meet other travelers and you start a conversation, let them know your interests. A fellow traveler may be interested in knowing you more if they realize that you share some interests. What’s more, you or the other traveler might have cool stuff that could form the basis of a great conversation.

Don’t be afraid to make ‘wrong’ assumptions

Some people stay quite while traveling because they don’t want to make ‘wrong’ assumptions about other travelers. However, even a ‘wrong’ assumption can spark a great conversation that will lead to knowing the other person more. For instance, you can make a ‘wrong’ assumption that leads to a conversation as the other traveler tries to correct you.

Have a gift

Regardless of where you go, you will come across cheap doodads and trinkets at the souvenir shops. A small item that you give a traveler that you meet in a foreign land can be something that they will treasure and remember you for in the years to come. Therefore, make sure that you have something to give a traveler that you meet during your trip and hold a conversation with.

Generally, be cordial and pleasant whenever you meet other travelers. This will enable you to know them more and even establish lasting friendships with them.

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