Common Mistakes Made by First Time Travelers

Obviously, you are excited about your first trip. This is particularly the case when going on a first international trip. The feeling is simply amazing. However, it’s also daunting. What are you likely to find in a foreign country? What is the best way to cope with what the world throws at you? How much should you spend on your first trip abroad? What are the common mistakes made by first time travelers and how can you avoid them? These are just some of the questions that will linger in your mind when going on your first trip abroad. Nevertheless, the most important thing is to avoid mistakes that are likely to ruin your first overseas trip experience.

Here are common mistakes that first time travelers make that you should avoid:


You don’t want to be worried about anything upon your arrival at your international travel destination. This can prompt you to book everything including hostel, breakfast, dinner, lunch and transfer. However, you will eventually realize that having some flexibility is important. Booking in advance is crucial. However, leave space to alter your itinerary or take advantage of new opportunities.

Involving a Travel Agent in Everything

It’s not easy to plan an international trip alone. Using a travel agent makes you feel like you have a safety net. However, you don’t have to involve a travel agent in everything. Book your accommodation package and flights. However, you may realize that you will save money when you take care of everything yourself.

Fearing the Locals

First time travelers are easy to spot because they subconsciously have their hands on money belts and their faces are suspicious of almost everything. They are always looking for people that want to rip them off. However, there are friendly locals. Thus, first time travelers should not mistrust everyone. Trusting some of them can actually pay off. Therefore, be cautious but be open to making friends.

Trying to Visit and See Everything

There are probably many tourist attractions in your destination. That means you may not see all of them during your first trip. Wanting to tick all boxes that you physically can is a mistake. Instead, visit the most interesting attractions and learn something about them.

Underestimating Costs

You will spend more money on everything than you might think. Flights and drinks will cost you more. Generally, everything will cost you more. In fact, you are likely to spend two times more the amount you budgeted for. Therefore, save more money before you make your first international trip.

These are common mistakes that first time travelers make. Avoid them and you will have an enjoyable and unforgettable trip abroad.  

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