Useful Tips for Holiday Travels

Useful Tips for Holiday Travels

A while back while having dinner with a friend that happens to own Southwest Appliance Repair and we got into a discussion that when you plan to travel during the holidays, you need tips to help you maintain sanity. That’s because holiday travels can be hectic. Here are useful tips that will make your holiday trip less stressful.

Monitor Holiday Flight Deals

There is no consensus among players in the travel industry and experts on the most appropriate time to book holiday flights. Nevertheless, most airlines offer special deals to people that book holiday flights with them at certain times. It’s therefore wise to monitor holiday flight deals to know when it’s appropriate to book your flight. Typically, early bookings and flash sales will save you money when traveling during the holidays.

Travel on Off-Peak Days

You will get better deals when you avoid the crowds. For instance, when you travel on Thanksgiving Day, you are likely to get cheaper fares. The first and last flights are typically cheaper. That’s because average travelers don’t like the idea of waking up early to catch their flight during the holiday. However, if you endure late or early hours, you will save time and money. What’s more, airports are not busy during the off hours.

Take One-Way Tickets

It’s important to compare prices of one-way tickets between airlines. There are cases when flying with a single airline to a destination and a different one on your way back provides money savings. It’s also possible that this will be more convenient. Therefore, compare ticket prices carefully to determine the best way to save on flight tickets.

Ship Gifts

Instead of carrying gifts while traveling during the holiday, consider shipping them. This will save you the expenses and hassles of having them checked during the flight. You will also avoid carrying an extra bag for gifts.

Stay Safe

It’s impossible to predict illnesses, terrorist attacks and natural disasters while traveling. However, it’s possible to prepare for a worst case scenario. For instance, purchase travel insurance beforehand. This will save you in case of trip cancellation or emergency evacuation.

Basically, these are crucial tips for holiday travels that will make your trip better. Follow them carefully when planning your next holiday trip.

A Guide to Help You Start Traveling

Most people want to travel but don’t know how to start. For most individuals, money and time are the main hindrances. However, you can begin to travel and enjoy every trip you make. Here’s a guide to help you start traveling and potentially become a seasoned traveler.

Decide On Your Travel Destination

You have a travel destination in mind. And this could be a place you’ve always wanted to visit but lacked adequate time or money. Therefore, take your time to research your destination to know why you find it attractive. That way, you can plan your trip with the things you want to enjoy away from home in mind.

Start Planning

Your trip will be more enjoyable if you take the time to plan it. Therefore, research your travel destination and then plan your trip. Planning entails many things, including the things to do and see. You also have to book your tickets and accommodation. Also, get something like travel insurance, vaccinations, and visas. Planning also involves getting the money you need for your travel budget.


Once you’ve decided on your travel destination and planned your trip, pack your bag in readiness for the journey. If you don’t have a good travel bag, invest in one. Pick a bag that enables you to carry all the necessities you will need away from home. These may include clothes, electronics, and medicine. And don’t forget the money or credit cards that you can use away from home.

Enjoy the Trip

Travel should be enjoyable. Therefore, get out there and focus on having fun away from home. Interact with the locals and explore your travel destination. You can also try new foods and do things you’ve not tried back at home. Also, take photos to preserve your travel memories.

After the first trip, you will feel the urge to go on another one. And this will eventually make you a seasoned traveler.

Worst Places to Travel To

Choosing a travel destination is one of the most overwhelming tasks, especially to beginner travelers. That usually happens because each destination has a unique set of attractions and threats that could either make or break your trip. As such, knowing some of the dangerous places to avoid could give you an easier time in finding a suitable travel destination. The following are some of the worst places to travel to. 

North Korea 

The party-state is one of the worst places where the government controls almost every aspect of everyday life. The isolated nation has recently made headlines for all the wrong reasons including military threats, which continue to weigh heavily on most governments. Bothe the state officials and the locals are also not very welcoming to strangers and, you could easily get shot for just wandering off in the wrong direction. If you are a citizen of the US or South Korea, it would be more complicated to even gain access to North Korea. 


Also known as Burma, Myanmar looks like a great tourist destination. However, it is a very dangerous place where the government uses forced labor to develop its infrastructure. A majority of the population is enslaved in opium and heroin production to benefit the government. The high production and consumption of illegal drugs as well as the human abuses resulting from them make Burma quite dangerous for travelers. Myanmar is also popular for cases of illegal imprisonments and state-sanctioned persecutions. 

Democratic Republic of Congo 

Described by many as the heart of Africa, the Democratic Republic of Congo is also one of the most dangerous places to visit. Apart from the persistent deadly political unrests, the Africa nation is also clothed in tribal clashes, sexual violence, kidnappings, child soldiers and human trafficking. 

The other worse places that you should also be skeptical about traveling to include Chad, Yemen, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, and South Sudan. If you must visit, it is advisable that you carefully research the destination and plan for the unexpected. 

How Hard Has the COVID-19 Pandemic Hit the Travel Industry?

It’s no secret that the travel industry is among the sectors that have been affected the most by the COVID-19 pandemic. This pandemic has led to massive revenue and job losses. Businesses that depend on travel have also been affected significantly. Here is a snapshot of how hard the COVID-19 pandemic has hit the travel industry. 

Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Airlines 

Many countries announced travel restrictions the moment the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus a pandemic. Since then, most operations of the major airlines came to a standstill. The global aviation industry has seen its revenue drop drastically. Most airlines have not been making money because their flees have been grounded. 

This has also affected the travel industry because people that prefer flying can’t travel. What’s more, businesses like travel agencies that depend on air transport have also been affected. Some have even closed down since the declaration of COVID-19 pandemic. 

Impact of COVID-19 on the Hotel Industry 

Just like the airlines, hotels have also suffered the same impacts due to COVID-19. Most large hotels that used to host tourists have lost clients and seen a massive drop in revenue. Some have even been forced to lay off some employees. Hotels in major resorts and cities are the most affected. 

Effects of Coronavirus on the Cruise Industry 

Cruise companies will face a major battle trying to recover from the impacts of this pandemic. Since the stories of ships with infected passengers on board hit the news headlines, many people have avoided cruise travels. As such, the cruise industry has suffered serious losses from the COVID-19 pandemic. And, unlike hotels and airlines, cruise businesses are not eligible for aid because they are not considered as enterprises in countries like America.  

Despite these impacts of COVID-19 pandemic on the travel industry, there’s hope at the end of the tunnel. That’s because most countries have reportedly put the disease under control. And, travel restrictions have started to ease in most countries. Thus, there is hope that the travel industry will eventually recover from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Healthy Travel Snacks

When going on a trip, nutritionists advise that you always remember to carry a few healthy snacks to keep you satisfied and comfortable on the road. However, the selection of travel snacks to carry can be challenging for most travelers. The following are some of the best healthy snacks for travel recommended by nutritionists. 

Fresh Snacks 

When thinking of healthy travel snacks, your first option should be fresh produce. Fresh snacks are great for giving your body the desired boost of vitamins, antioxidants, calories, and minerals for travel. Some of the best fresh produce that you should consider packing in your carry-on includes:

  • 1 or 2 apples 
  • Banana
  • Cucumber 
  • Oats 

Freshly chopped fruit and nut mixes will offer your body the right measure of proteins and fibers between meals. Thus, you will be able to avoid constant cravings when traveling. 

Packaged Snacks 

Packaged snacks are also great picks for meeting your body’s nutritional needs on the roads. However, you should be keen when buying packaged snacks since some do not meet the set healthy standards. Nutritionists recommend the following packaged snacks when traveling. 

  • Fruit and nut-based bars 
  • High protein gluten-free chocolate bars 
  • Dried fruit peeled snacks 
  • Peanut butter snacks 
  • Yogurt 
  • Cheese sticks 

You may also want to carry one or two drinks that you are used to like diet coke. Clean drinking water should also be part of your travel snacks package. 

Generally, there are various options for travel snacks. However, the ones mentioned above should be given precedence because they meet the body’s nutritional needs and also portable for stress-free travels. Healthy travel snacks are made with whole food ingredients and controlled amounts of added sugar or sodium. When packing the snacks for a trip, be sure to only carry small quantities that will not exceed the weight limits.

How to Stay Comfortable During Long Travels

While most people do not like long haul flights, some trips will require you to spend several hours in the air. For instance, an Australian bound flight from London normally takes about 22 hours. To enjoy such trips, you should know how to travel in comfort and keep the body in high spirits all the way. Check out the tips discussed below on how to stay comfortable during long travels. 

Get Your Tickets Early 

Booking early may not directly bring you comfort but, offers the best opportunity for choosing a more suitable seat. Whenever you are buying flight tickets, remember to pick seats with more legroom and a general sense of comfort if you do not have a favorite one. 

Choose Your Clothing Wisely 

During long haul flights, you will fall asleep many times. Therefore, consider wearing soft and loose clothing that will not keep your body crammed. Comfortable jeans, loose tops, flats, and sweater can do the trick. However, do not walk into the airport with pajamas. 

Keep Your Body Hydrated 

To avoid exhaustion and maintain your body’s energy levels, drink lots of freshwaters. A glass of fresh juice or smoothie can also give your energy levels the much-needed boost in long haul flights. The continued exposure of your skin to the air in the cabin could impact dehydration. Therefore, it is also important to have and apply body cream on the face, hands, and lips. 

Eat Well Before and During the Trip 

Sit down to some great meal at home before leaving for the airport. Long haul flights offer food and refreshments but, they may not suit your tastes. You can also eat at the airport restaurants during a stop-over. Passengers on long flights should also consider carrying a few healthy snacks to consume along the way. 

The above ideas can help you ensure greater comfort during long travels. However, you should also set your mind into making the most of the trip. If you focus your mind on a comfortable trip, so it will be. 




Tips on How to Travel for Free

If you have never tried it, traveling the world for free would seem like a dream too hard to achieve. But, you can now enjoy numerous trips around the globe without spending a dime if you know how to go about it. There are various options for traveling free that you can pursue to discover the world. The following are ways on how to travel for free.

Get Free Flights

Flights are among the main areas where most travelers spend lots of money but, that does not have to be the case if you do not have money. There are many ways to get free flights. One of them is by signing up for travel credit cards. The more bonuses you are able to acquire with the card, the longer miles you will travel for free.

Look for Free Accommodation

Today, there are many sites that connect travelers with local communities around the world that you can also use to get free accommodation. As the world moves towards a shared economy, it is now easier to find locals who are willing to let you stay with them for free. Examples of such sites include Couchsurfing, Global Freeloaders and Servas.

Use Your Social Network

Your circle of friends and relatives can also help with traveling for free. Ask them if they know any person at your destination that could agree to host you for a given period of time. This will not only enable you get free accommodation but, also provides a great opportunity to interact more with the locals.

Try Free Walking Tours

Free walking tours are common in most major cities around the world including Europe, New York, South America and Australia. It can be an opportunity to discover cities in the company of other travel enthusiasts for free.

Traveling for free will no doubt seem like impossibility until you take your first trip. The above guidelines can help you ensure a remarkable adventure across the world for free.


Advice and Tips for Travelers with Disabilities

Advice and Tips for Travelers with Disabilities

Travel for people with disabilities is also called disabled travel. This travel is currently on the rise. The modern travel industry is facing special needs of the travelers with disabilities every day. And the industry is making proper arrangements to ensure that travelers with disabilities enjoy their trips. If you are a traveler with disabilities that wants to enjoy every minute of their trip, here are advice and tips to help you.

Call in Advance

The law requires service providers to accommodate the needs of travelers with disabilities. Nevertheless, some of them need time to make proper arrangements. As such, you should mention your special needs when making reservation. This will enable the service provider to make appropriate arrangement to ensure your comfort during the trip.

Be Clear and Specific about Your Disability

Not every service provider is conversant with the medical terms that are used to describe different disabilities or conditions. It’s therefore important that you provide details of your condition without downplaying its severity. Providing more information will enable the service provider to accommodate you better.

Talk to Your Doctor about Your Travel Plans

Before you leave for a trip, visit your doctor. Let them know you intend to travel, the means of transport you will us, and your destination. Your doctor will prescribe appropriate coping measures to make your trip better. In some cases, the doctor may advise you to travel to a different destination but this will depend on your condition.

Carry Medication and Your Doctor’s Contacts

Carry medication that you can use in the event of an emergency. Keep medical supplies in the carry-on bag. Also have the phone number of your doctor and notes of your condition as well as the potential complications or special needs. It’s important to have pertinent information regarding what should be done in the event of an emergency.

Basically, proper research and planning can make all the difference when it comes to traveling with disabilities. Follow this advice and tips to make your trip better when traveling with disabilities.

Common Mistakes Made by First Time Travelers

Obviously, you are excited about your first trip. This is particularly the case when going on a first international trip. The feeling is simply amazing. However, it’s also daunting. What are you likely to find in a foreign country? What is the best way to cope with what the world throws at you? How much should you spend on your first trip abroad? What are the common mistakes made by first time travelers and how can you avoid them? These are just some of the questions that will linger in your mind when going on your first trip abroad. Nevertheless, the most important thing is to avoid mistakes that are likely to ruin your first overseas trip experience.

Here are common mistakes that first time travelers make that you should avoid:


You don’t want to be worried about anything upon your arrival at your international travel destination. This can prompt you to book everything including hostel, breakfast, dinner, lunch and transfer. However, you will eventually realize that having some flexibility is important. Booking in advance is crucial. However, leave space to alter your itinerary or take advantage of new opportunities.

Involving a Travel Agent in Everything

It’s not easy to plan an international trip alone. Using a travel agent makes you feel like you have a safety net. However, you don’t have to involve a travel agent in everything. Book your accommodation package and flights. However, you may realize that you will save money when you take care of everything yourself.

Fearing the Locals

First time travelers are easy to spot because they subconsciously have their hands on money belts and their faces are suspicious of almost everything. They are always looking for people that want to rip them off. However, there are friendly locals. Thus, first time travelers should not mistrust everyone. Trusting some of them can actually pay off. Therefore, be cautious but be open to making friends.

Trying to Visit and See Everything

There are probably many tourist attractions in your destination. That means you may not see all of them during your first trip. Wanting to tick all boxes that you physically can is a mistake. Instead, visit the most interesting attractions and learn something about them.

Underestimating Costs

You will spend more money on everything than you might think. Flights and drinks will cost you more. Generally, everything will cost you more. In fact, you are likely to spend two times more the amount you budgeted for. Therefore, save more money before you make your first international trip.

These are common mistakes that first time travelers make. Avoid them and you will have an enjoyable and unforgettable trip abroad.  

How to Choose the Best Travel Bag – Tips to Follow

How to Choose the Best Travel Bag- Tips to Follow

Choosing the best travel bag is a fundamental factor for any traveler. The market is flooded with travel bags. But, not every travel bag for sale is suitable for you. Essentially, the best bag should meet your travel luggage needs. That means it should enable you to carry luggage with ease. It should also allow easy packing and unpacking as well as quick access to items that you need while traveling. Nevertheless, there are other things that you should consider when purchasing your travel bag.

Here are tips for choosing the best travel bag:

Consider external dimensions

Is the bag sufficiently small to serve as a carry-on? If not, do you want to put up with possible delays as well as extra fees that will be associated with checking the bag? Answer these questions to determine whether the external dimensions make the bag that you want to purchase ideal for you.

Consider weight

How heavy or light is the bag? A lighter travel bag is better. Nevertheless, even a rolling bag needs carrying some times. But, consider the weight of the bag and your preference.

Mobility and comfort

When considering the mobility of the bag and comfort or the ease of moving it, think about uneven surfaces and airport terminals. Think about stairs as well. Also consider the advantages that come with the use of a bag while your hands are free. Additionally, consider your ability to carry 20 to 25 lbs on your back.

Space efficiency

Consider the external dimensions and the usable capacity that the bag has. Choose a bag that provides adequate space to pack items that you mostly like carrying while traveling.


Go for a travel bag that is made of a quality material. Essentially, buy a well-reviewed and established brand.


It’s important to consider the cost of the bag that you purchase. However, this should not be the only factor that guides your decision.

Generally, no single bag is suitable for every traveler. It’s therefore important that you consider these tips to pick the best travel bag to buy depending on your individual travel needs.